Spirit of dialogue, Spirit of sustainability

Promoting economic and community development opportunities is striving priority in today’s world. In addition to environmental challenges and compliances, sustainability is an ever-increasing topic of concern. But without inclusive dialogue among relevant stakeholders, is this topic of concern tackled with proper action?

The Sustainable Spirits Initiative has been created to bring members of the distillery and brewery industry together to discuss and share their experiences about current environmental issues and aspire to shape future opportunities for this sector. While Bourbon is popular, distilleries and breweries in Kentucky are faced with many environmental challenges and opportunities, ranging from air quality and water conservation to waste management. What to do with the stillage? How to share the water use effectively? What is best way for energy conservation and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission?

The 7th Annual Sustainable Spirits Summit: The Spirit of Sustainability Through Pollution Prevention, in 2018, allows the industry members to discuss issues of water regulations update, journey of prevention control, exciting story of zero waste and preventing GHG, energy issues , and ignite talk on solutions and technologies around distillery sector. The event brings all the spirit of each stakeholder to move forward and tackle new solution toward sustainability. I hope this kind of spirit continue to exist and be wider for the other sector.

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