Time to Say Good Bye!

Although I already knew that I have to say Good Bye after four weeks, it was hard for me to say. I got a chance to meet my second family at the City of Saginaw. They explained me, teach me, shared with me a lot of things (about works and culture) of the United States.

I do not even think about that there will be a day that is specially proclaimed in my honor. It was happened. The City of Saginaw recognized that Tuesday, November 6, 2018 as “MYAT THANDAR OO DAY”. The acknowledgement of the City made me shock and amazed. I was full with pleasure and happiness because of their appreciation.

I also got my very first Halloween experience with very kind-hearted person at City of Saginaw and Justin.

I will always remember good-will of the City Council members and every staff from the City for their pre thanksgiving lunch and gifts. What a gorgeous surprise!

Thins is the family I will never forget.

I have a mission that one day I will definitely come back and meet all of my friend from Saginaw. But now it is time to say “Good Bye”

Myat Thandar Oo.

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