The night of 9th

November 9th 2018 marks the 65th anniversary of Independence Day in Cambodia, and it was my last night in Frankfort, Kentucky. Four weeks fly so fast, and there are tons of memory with people here. It is hard to say goodbye. Spending time to learn professionally and exchanging culturally is fantastic experience journey of my life. When I arrived, I was asked whether it was my first time in the United States, and when it is time for me to go back, I got asked what is the memorable thing of the United States.


I find it hard to find the right answer though. I come to learn many unexpected thing I do not expect. Also, I enjoy my walk around downtown Frankfort which preserve its historic images and journey. The development of architectural styles of America, and some houses are 200+ years olds. I gotta meet with wonderful person, spending time to explore natural beauty of Kentucky, eating American food (Chili) and KFC, learning from practical experience on environmental sustainability. The natural bridge where you can enjoy your hiking even in Fall. The boat trip to learn importance of Kentucky River. The Halloween Trick-or-Treat that I spent time to carve the pumpkin and wear the custom with the children.

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