My First Homestay time in my life and My last week in Sugar Land “The Sweetest Town in Texas”

It’s a memorable time for me I have chance to visit Sugar Land…

Time flies so fast 💨

But now it’s time to go back to DC and bring all of the solution and experience I had from Pearland and Sugar Land to solve the problems of my city.

God didn’t promise…

Days without pain…

Laughter without sorrow…

Sun without rain 🌧 ☔️

But he did promise…

Strength for the day…

Comfort for the pain…

And light for the way…


“More with Less” One more things, I learned from my homestay host. It’s a good word came from cooking book

The meaning is talking about a small cooking ideas to change the world. I really impressed this word. For me it kind like of we are a small person but all of small people can be drive the world for a better future together if we are cooperating together in same goal. We can be inspired the other people to follow us.

Furthermore, I believe that it must be the reason for everything was coming to me. I can realize it in every time I did. Our duty is to find out what those answers mean by leaving and observing the environment around us and learning from the world.

It was my lucky 🍀 to have a chance to visit and learn the system of 2 cities

I learned a lot of things from United States 🇺🇸 and both cities, I have to visited.

United States is very interesting. Even though they’re in the same state and have but their regulation are different by under the same legal framework. City governments can design and take their own risks in design and decision making.

This week everything is getting more intense and very excited for me because a lot of my interested topics are in this week

I also have a chance to visit fire station in Sugar Land. I really appreciated.

One thing, I can realize from here. Not only Pearland but also Sugar Land also treats their firefighters good in the same way.

Moreover, in Sugar Land they also concern about smoke detector. They provide free service for their residents who don’t have and free setting service. I really like this idea. It means they cared for their residents and promoted the prevention rather than fixing its.

In Sugar Land, Food inspection is not under by Fire Department like Pearland and also their food inspection don’t have any kind of restaurant grading system like Pearland. Anyway, I also have a chance to observe food inspection in Sugar Land also. I really appreciated. It’s a great experience for me.

Furthermore, I also have a chance to see midterm election 🗳 campaign in US. I really excited. It’s a great experience for me and lucky me to have a chance to visit at this time.

For midterm elections in the United States are the general elections held in November every four years, near the midpoint of a president’s four-year term of office. It’s very interesting because my country don’t have any midterm election. Moreover, for election campaigns here totally different from my country. They have a regulation to control the areas for candidates or supporters who want to put the sign to support. I really like this kind of idea 💡. It’s well organized and not too messy.

Moreover, I also have a chance to meet girl scouts here. They came for their fields trip about City Hall tour and meet mayor. They also have a chance to observe election campaigns. I think it’s a good practice for them to see the real one. It’s also different from my city for this kind of program but I think it’s a good chance for them.

I also have a chance to learn about planning here with warm welcome. I really appreciated.

I have learned a lot of them and understand for more because of I joined the real case in Pearland and for Sugar Land I learned from regulations, policies, and their perspectives. It’s very helpful for me to have a chance to visit and learn from both cities. Moreover, because of Sugar Land city grew up so fast like Bangkok and cannot expands city anymore that why it’s a good chance to learn from them. I really enjoyed so much.

One more things, I have learned from them. In Sugar Land, their vision came from their residents and they will create their master plan. It’s a good way to do. Because the needs came from the bottom to to top. It can meet up with the real needs and sustainability

I also have a chance to observe house construction sites. I really enjoyed it because building houses in US, the structure totally different from my country. We never built houses by only woods structure inside almost 90% like in US. It’s open my world and good experience for me.

For the Park in Sugar Land, I also have a chance to visit a lot of Park also. I really enjoyed it and the most beautiful one is oyster creek let’s check it below

One more thing, I can realize from Sugar Land. They like their pets and have water service served their pet. Moreover they also have pet station like Pearland for residents to keep their pet wastes. It’s really good ideas.

In Sugar Land and Pearland, one of all their wildlife is alligators. It’s totally different from my city. Because for our stereotype alligator is a small crocodile and dangerous. We will not leave them stay in wildlife and our wildlife in my city is comodo-dragon. Anyway, I also have a chance to see real alligator 🐊 It’s a lucky me and they are not dangerous at all but keep stay away is the best way to do

In Sugar Land, they have 331 for a contact center offers a single point of contact for non-emergency city information and enables residents to make service requests. Actually, it same my city but Sugar Land beyond for more. I really appreciated.

I also have a chance to visit Pet shelter in Sugar Land.The one of the other ideas from Pets in Sugar Land to make me smile is the information about their pet they put on the paper. I really enjoyed it. It’s good idea for people who want to adopt them and one of the best ideas is residents who want to adopt. They have a chance to take their pets to their house before adopting for 2-3 days to learning with their pets can be together with them and their family or not. I really love this idea

I also have a chance to join Low Impact Development Implementation Workshop at HGAC. It’s a great experience for me to learn new technologies and regulations in Texas from this workshop.

Moreover, one of all great experiences in this week. I also have a chance to learn flooding control management at Public Work department in Sugar Land. It is interesting topics. I’ve got a lot of ideas from here. I really appreciated.

For the water treatment plant, I also learned about new materials for water filters from here. I really excited.

For the special experiences in this week, it made me excited and enjoyed so much.

It started from Skeeter baseball stadium 🏟. I have a chance to observe VIP room and press room. It’s a great experience for me I really enjoyed it.

Furthermore,I also have a chance to visit backstage of smart financial center and look around artists exclusive room. I really enjoyed it also.

Moreover, one of special designed of Smart Financial Hall is their Hall and their stage are adjustable how capacity is it. their walls can move for adjustments and have slots for lock it. I really love this idea so much. You can realize from pictures as below

I also have a chance to meet Thai youth who’s exchange student from here. It’s a good time and good chance to share our ideas and experiences together

Last but not least, I also have a chance to visit natural science museum. I really enjoyed it so much and learned a lot of things from here.

For this week, the one of all incredible experiences in US is my first time for doing homestay.

It’s a great experience and memorable time for me. I started homestay with single American style at Alan apartment. He is too kind and took me to look around Houston night life. I really enjoyed so much. I feel lucky because of I have a chance to stay not only in my placement city but also the other city for sightseeing. I really appreciated. Moreover, I also have a chance to try South American foods and found my new favorite again.


It looks similar my country food again and good taste. I really like it. It opened my world again.

Furthermore, I also do exchanges foods culture experiences with him. I cooked Thai foods for him. It’s a memorable time.

For my last day, I also have a chance to stay with warm welcome family “Daphne’s family”. Her husband “Eric” is too kind and warm welcome for me. He made me feel like I stay with my brother’s family. I really appreciated. Her son “Eli” also so smart and sweet. He also welcome me and invited to go with him when he go outside to meet his friend. I really enjoyed so much. Honestly, I don’t know how to speak with kids but It’s a great experience for me to have a chance to learn how to say with kids because in my opinion I think good leader should be no limits to go and speak with any ages. It’s a memorable time for me.

Daphne also so kind. She taught me many things about Texas culture and her culture because of she is Canadian who’s staying in Texas. She try to made me feel like home also. She cooked for me and showed me for Canadian Foods from her parents. I really enjoyed it.

One more things, I learned how to cook “S’more” from her also. It’s my first time to try S’more. I really like it. Now, I have new menu to show my friends when I go back my hometown.

Time flies so fast…

Finally, I have to go back for my last mission in DC and meet my ICMA fellow friends again. It’s almost 4 weeks we are separated to learn from different cities. Now, it’s time to share our experience and have a good memorable time together again for a better future. Even though I felt miss all of moments I had together with Pearland and Sugar Land but now It can’t wait to meet my ICMA fellow friends.

“Until we meet again”

Thank you so much Sugar Land

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