Brunei: small in land, but big-hearted people

Finally arrived after an inconvenient snowstorm in hometown Denver delayed us before we ever got off the ground; just enough to miss the connection to Hong Kong and then Brunei. Delays long forgotten after being warmly welcomed by Nabilah and with each successive meeting here. A morning meeting with the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation to talk about waste diversion and tour their compost site. While the formula for compost is pretty universal, some tweaks are necessary. Colorado is so dry that compost needs a good amount of wet materials but in Brunei, the DEPR is actually tarping their piles to keep the rain from inhibiting the process. This government led program collects yard waste from only parks operations now, but is looking at expanding in the near future. Hand sifting produces a great aquality finished product, but like in the U.S. the end markets are still sparse. Later a visit with the US Embassy folks and my first Dim Sum ever was a treat for sure!

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