Chase the Dream-I believe I can do it !

Hi, everyone. I am Ja-e (Onwanya r.) from Thailand. Since i was graduated, I have a strong passion that I want to be the one who able to encourage and motivate people to care about environmental issues and work together for the sustainable environment.

During my TWO years experience in environmental promotion field, i have been always asking to my to make it happen, until I were selected as the YSEALI fellows spring2019 and met the alumni fellows in Thailand!

In march 27th-29th, Thailand U.S. embassy was arranged the a camp to us for 2 days Pre-departure orientation with alumni meeting. I would love to say “ It is the warmest welcome to YSEALI family with the most passionate camp forever!.

In camp, I met many alumni who has been in all valuable organization, such as government/NGO/lecturer of university/SE founder for environment products/farmer. I would love to say this is my honor to know them! These people there come from various careers/communities/education, but one big thing is they have the same passion to drive our world for the better environment. And, the most important is they not just the passionate, but they can do it!

“YSEALI FELLOWS they are not just passion about themself but they think bigger to the better world, and they have the network to support each other to achieve their goals”

I feel home to be apart of YSEALI family. Even this is just the beginning of program, but i do learn one Important thing for this orientation.

To make it happen, you must bring you self to the passionate people who have same interesting! In there, you will find a very strong network and connection to support you, exchanging the positive solutions, motivate each other and then you will not walk alone anymore.

Even this is just a two-day camp, but I could gain a thoundsand or billion energy in my heart to go forward for environmental sustainability development.

Couldn’t explain enough how much I feel excited to be in U.S. and meet others fellows and my host placement In Dallas^^

Thanks ICMA,U.S. embassy, Dallas city and my company(Bridgestone) to believe in me and give me such a great opportunity in YSEALI program, I promise to open-my heart to and enjoy this as much as i can^^

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