Indonesia-US: more than 24 hours journey, impress me more!

This journey is one of my longest trip. Not only because the distance between two countries, but also because the transit point of the flight. In total, I have to take 4 flight and 3 transit. Start from my hometown in Bali, stay a night at Jakarta, then continue to Narita for 7 hours, confusing flight to Denvert about 10 hours, and last 3 hours from Denvert to Washington DC. We arrive at hotel at 1 a.m., so tired and jetlag.

From begining, I did not expect too much with this city because I am not a big fans of big cities. This city was built too perfect. All the infrastructure is well planned and designed. There were lots of tourist in many spots, mostly around the main attraction, The White House.

My country, Indonesia, has lots more beautiful scenery than this, but I saw that US know how to maximize their and make everything look better. For example, the main attraction here is mainly a great building, massive statue and beautiful quotes. They provide memory and proudness to the tourist and its work. Like this great statue of Abraham Lincoln, with quote “in this temple as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the union the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever”

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