When baseball is culture

When heard cultural exchange, I was a bit panic how I can be a good ambassador for my country?

End of the orientation day for YSEALI, all fellows were invited to join cultural exchange. We eventually found out that it is Baseball. A kind of sport that I have not quite familiar with, and I am not sure if I like it. Ah this is part of culture here in the States! let’s explore.

A day with windy and cloudy, cold (for us Asian) at the Washington Nationals Park, people worn red shirt to support their team. Inside the stadium, it’s not that crowed, people (all walk of life, young and old) carry their typical food and drink, some with burger and coke, other with beer and chips or pop corn.

The game started, apparently, I do not know the rules but I enjoy the game in the way people gathered such a big crowd. That’s the way people enjoy themselves. And this is culture. This leads me to think, if we consider sports as culture, we will not only enjoy but our certain kind of sport will be better and competitive.

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