27 hours journey; 21 hours flight, 3 cities, one destination.

It was sunny in Brunei when I left. Saying goodbye was fairly easy as my excitement and nervousness kills all traces of sadness. The earth presented me with this mesmerizing sunset as we depart.

Leaving Brunei

I killed some time with few sitcoms and after 2 short hours, the Lion City welcomes me. 

Touchdown Singapore

I took a walk around after checking in for the next flight and took a short nap before my next flight to Narita.

Level Up. This time its a 7 hours flight. I was energized after the short power nap, and we depart at 12.30am. Once again, few movies kept me entertained for the first 2 hours, and I dozed off for another 2 hours. And woke up looked at the window. Its pitch black. And I started counting the time difference between home and the States. After 3 hours, here we are.

Captivating beauty
こんにちは!(Konnichiwa!) Hello!

Hello, Japan! It was 8.45am am when I arrived. The food was good, and as I was energized, I look for my flight gate. When I reached the gate, my fellow ICMA fellows from Thailand, Jay, Loft and Mai welcomed me warmly. Soon, we met another fellow. Not to be confused with his name, Thai is from Vietnam. And we depart shortly afterwards.

From the left: Loft and Mai (Thailand), Thai (Vietnam), myself and Jay (Thailand)

While fastening the seatbelt, I told myself “brace yourself. This time its 12 hours”. I push myself to sleep. I slept and woke up 15 minutes after, and gave up sleeping. I entertained myself with more movies, games and shows. The camera view from the plane slowly showed some light after hours of pitch black. The day is breaking in, and I am getting closer to the destination.

Arrival at Dulles International Airport

It was a rough landing at Washington Dulles, which resulted in severe headache and nauseousness. My Thai fellow helped me through the pain, and we went pass the immigration shortly afterwards. After picking up our baggage, my excitement slowly emerge. I am ready to see the United States.

Hello Washington DC.

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