To be honest, I was hesitant to join this professional fellowship program in the U.S. Hesitant because I have to leave my kids and wife once again for a relatively long time. Hesitant because I’m afraid I can’t find halal food. Hesitant because of television propaganda that America is not friendly enough for Muslims. Hesitant whether I am good enough to participate in this program. However, the opportunity might not come twice, a great opportunity to gain the experience and learning, the opportunity to have traveled to the half of the world from the hometown, definitely difficult to reject.

Let’s talk about my doubts one by one. Leave kids and wife? I once left my child and wife even far longer than now, so…. it doesn’t seem to be a problem. My wife is a strong wife after all. About halal food, I even immediately found halal food since the first day. I accidentally saw a row of food trucks in the middle of Washington city with at least three food trucks that sell halal food (I didn’t check all trucks yet). Even I found Indonesian food. Unfortunately, I have already bought middle-eastern food.

About television propaganda? Well, let’s think rationally. If America is not friendly to Muslims, there might be no one selling halal food, there might not be Muslims in America. Americans are very open regardless of your religion, where you come from, your skin color. They will be happy to help if we need help, they are very friendly. At least that’s what I experienced in a few days in Washington. Although there was a slightly surprising incident where there was a homeless person who asked me for money, and after I gave him money, he forced me a little to buy him food. If it happens to you, don’t be afraid, just buy him food if you want. If you don’t want, say it politely. In my case, because I already gave him some money, I refused to buy him food, I said politely that I had given him money and I had to leave, and he let me go. Maybe he was thinking that I’m kind enough to give him more, he’s wrong, I’m a bad guy hahaha…..

About me who might not be good enough to join this program? well let’s say I’m not good enough, but that’s great. Because I’m not good enough, this is my chance to get better, to learn from other great fellows and hosts. I came here to learn, to have other experience so that I could be better than before. If I’m already very good, I don’t need to join this program.

So… if you hesitate to join this program for the same reasons as me, please don’t. This program is worth it.

By the way, I already at Texas right now. Will I have the same experience in Washington? Let’s see…..

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