From a small town in Timor-Lorosa’e to Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Through the professional fellowship program a program funded by U.S. Department State of Education and Cultural Affairs Bureau of Education, selected a fellowship from small town in Timor-Leste to the Newburyport, Massachusetts. He will have a four weeks to learn about how waste are being managed by Newburyport people. How they respect to the environment and the earth as a priority. Probably this is more interesting to know about.

First Photo: Newburyport Bay

In preparation for learning those interested aspects. He is hoping that the waste that being managed by Newburyport people will provide him an insightful perspective that could help him to enrich his skills and understanding about the effects of waste that people dispose everyday.

He would probably enjoy the weather at Newburyport. He will be getting intouch with people. But not that bad, he feels the weather that it is good. He said “I already feel the weather” and it is really cold need one more jacke. Well, This is actually true! Anyone from Timor-Leste would love to experience in Newburyport, he also have meet some People in Newburyport town, people there are nice, kind and aproachable.

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