The Longest 23rd April 2019

Before The D-Day : 22nd April 2019

Yeah!. The day have arrived. The beginning of my journey. Mixed feeling for that day. But not only mixed feeling, but the night before my flight, i got fever, cough, and flu. i was worried because i will have a long journey next day. But yeah, i can overcome all this. Keep Strong, Mahirah! You can do it!

The D-Day : 23rd April 2019

From the left : my mum (green color baju kurung) my officemate, Sis Diyana, Sis Huda, me and my aunt.

It’s time to say goodbye. So I flew to Tokyo (7 hours) then to LA (10 hours) and lastly to Washington D.C (5 hours) with another 2 fellows from Malaysia: Ian & Jo. During the journey, 3 different time zone and when I arrived Washington, it still on 23rd April. So, that is the longest 23rd April for me in my life. Even though my conditions is not so good, but yeah, I manage to get to Washington D.C safely.

Me, Jo and Ian

Once arrived at the hotel, I just eat some breakfast and medicine and a lots of sleep. I just sleep and sleep and a sleeping beauty… sleep and sleep.. I need to get back to the shape because I will have a lot of things waiting for me and also will travel to my host placement in the next few days. The next day, i wake up with full energy… for my orientation day..

Okay.. till meet again in the next post..

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