Washington DC through planning lens

I have been waiting to see another version of the world for so long since I got acceptance letter as a profession fellow from YSEALI. I came here with empty brain so as to put insightful knowledge and information to bring back to my community. Once, my feet stepped into Washington DC, I have noticed that there were a lot of trees around airport till the city area and the connectivity of main roads and secondary ones were linked each other systemically. The coolest thing that I was able to make it in Washington was visiting to National Building Museum and I was stroke as I saw the exhibition of Matthew Desmond, my favorite author, about eviction, which was also the most pressing issue in my country.

After the museum, I and my college went to downtown area to see White House and National Mall. All the way long, I didn’t notice that how long it took in terms of the improvement of pedestrian lanes and cross roads. This gave me a thought that how walk-ability was important for well-being and environment.

Down town DC

The first day was the ICMA enhanced my understanding of farmland protection. Sanaz from (AFT) stated that American Farmland Trust has been dealing with politicians to keep farmers and get young professional farmers in terms of being able to change of bad plantation practices and improve economy. It was said that tackling climate change, farmers are considered as a part of solution. Compared to my country situation, Myanmar was changing rapidly and there had so many lands grabbing from military and other urban development projects. I enjoyed immensely knowing about how US government had stipulated with strong institutionalization to protect farmlands in spite of having rapid urbanization in some rural district. I was looking forward to extending my horizon and capacity of understanding on urban planning for the remaining four weeks in Saginaw, Texas.

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