A weekend well spent in Albany ðŸŒ¸

On Saturday, I and Juby, my fellow friend from Philippines, travelled to Albany, Oregon, which is the farthest host placement city in this program. After taking almost 6 hours flight, we finally arrived at Portland international aitport. David, our host family, and his children picked up us with the warm welcome. He drove us to the city of Albany in 1.30 hrs. During the trip, I saw such a breathtaking beautiful landscape along the road. The trees here are different and more diverse than ones in east coast. They are colorful and unique. This might be our first greeting from Oregon.

Otw to Albany

When we arrived at Albany. We took a walk around the downtown area. Through my eyes, Albany is such a small historical city surrounded by natural area. Through this peaceful city, there are more than 30 different parks and they are all located nearby every neighborhood.

While we was strolling around, unexpectedly we met the Llama walking in town. That was my first time saw him and did not hesitate to hug him because he is so gentle and adorable.

Llama in town : )

After a long walk, we got to the airbnb which located in the heart of downtown area. Only 2 mins walk to Albany City hall. The airbnb building was built in 1909, more than 100 years old building, and located upon the famous cafe. Entering my cozy bedroom, I was so tired and falling asleep easily.

On Sunday Afternoon, David, his wife Sandy and their children took us to go hiking at Mcdowell creek falls county park, Lebanon, Oregon. Hiking through the lush mixed woodland here, I was almost within earshot of the sound of rushing water. We walked under the shade of huge pines along the trail which I have never seen this scenic landscape before. There are two famous falls here, Majestic Falls and Royal Terrace Falls, both have scenic views that are accessible from the bridges and decks.

At the end of the day, we spent our great time on special dinner. I called it special thing because it was my first time cooking bbq in the public park! That’s a normal family activity here, but not in Thailand.

Timber Linn Memorial park is a large park in Linn County. We were fortunate enough to see a group of Cherry blossoms here after we missed it from D.C. Here, there are many bbq stands to serve groups of friends or families. The weather was nice, we enjoyed an outdoor bbq in the park. We made our own hot dogs and S’more. I really appreciated everything the host family have made for us. Today’s activities are the so-called real American food and activity. This was such a weekend well-spent for me.

With the cherry blossoms

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