“Hello”-the magical word of our first meet<3

23rd April 2018, it is the first journey of my YSELLI fellows. Honestly, I wasn’t feel that much excited, just i have already added all friend’s contacts and chat with them, since the first mail Kara and Toni announced the fellows list in cc mail and already bought all Thai’s food and suviniour for all friends and host.

Just like everyone right! Not excited at all.

The begining of YSEALI journey-23 hours flight (BKK-NRT-IAD)

00.20 am my journey started, we (me, loft, and mile- 🇹🇭 team)had the ANA flight head to transit at Narita. We had got the information from Toni and Kara that we were grouped for the car picked up for 5 seats. There was THREE of us from Thailand…and who else?

After investigation,like CONAN, I found two names of our left member, who are Muni(Bruni) and Tai(Vietnamese). Yes it is not that difficult to see their name but…how are they look like is more hard!

Actually, it’s not that hard…Thanks for the clever WhatsApp channel of Muni and handsome T-shirt of Tai. We spend only 10 minute to spread out and grab up them in team with the words… “Hello.. are you the YSEALI?” ^^ So here we are..Gangster was here^^

“Hello” this is our firt meet at Narita Airport

Actually, at that time. I found it quite a wired and funny moment that you can talk with these people like you were the missed old school friend. Guys..don’t you think we are too easy to talk>< or we are the same type!! Hhh

Anyway, i do thank you guys to fulfill this long (23hr) journey with your warmly talk. I feel so relax to have you guys here..

“Fly with friends make things easy like you eat French fries” Easy to find, used to with taste, and always delicious.

Love you guys… it was my pleasure to be friends with you^^

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