My Flight was Canceled

Not all story is a happy story, sometimes it sad one. Not all day is good day, sometimes we get bad day. But the happening is not really matter, our reaction is matter.

After several day orientation in Washington DC, all of the fellow will be placed in specific states based on their capacity and interest. I and my mate Zaw Zaw get Frankfort City, Kentucky as the destination. Washington and Kentucky is not far, but we have to take 2 flight, first to Charlotte in North Carolina, then continue to Lexingtong at Kentucky.

In the morning, we got some trouble with our driver, he said that we are so late. Bad start for the day. Fortunately, our flight to Charlotte was going well. Charlotte is medium airport, have many gates, hundreds or more. Here we have to wait about 3-4 hours for transit.

I have a habit to check my flight every 15 minutes on my phone. Everything is going well at the first. ¬†Then an hour before my departure, I saw a red word say “canceled”. I am a bit shock, then I checked the monitor. Yes, my flight to Lexington was canceled.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-27 at 15.39.21

In this condition, panic is not the solution. So I just keep calm. I texted Tony to tell him what happened. Then I went to customer service and asking. She did not give many information, she asked our passport and gave a new boarding pass. We had to take the next plane to Lexington. That mean we had to wait another 2 hour more. This is the challenge. As I skipped the lunch that day, I felt so tired and hungry.

After all of the drama, we arrived at Kentucky at 7 pm. I was really happy because Kentucky is so beatiful with many open space and horse barn. Moreover, they are the biggest bourbon production. About 95% bourbon around the world come from here.


WhatsApp Image 2019-04-27 at 19.23.20


Welcome to Kentucky!!!

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