Protect our Earth🌍Whatever it takes

We’ve arrived in Dallas in this beautiful hotel at Downtown. Everything is nice and cozy.

On Sunday, (after plenty of rest of full 4 hours), were ready for EarthX 🌍.

Earth X is an international, nonprofit environmental forum whose purpose is to educate and inspire people to action towards a more sustainable future. They assemble and connect citizens, educators, students, businesses, nonprofits, and global leaders to explore sustainable solutions for today’s most pressing challenges.

I had a few sappy moments while watching Sea Shepherd’s movie. A lot. When the dolphin died. Paul Watson (the founder) was there too. We did’nt get the chance to take a picture with him. But maybe its for the best (I looked horrible after all the crying).

photo from Sea Shepherd Global

We also saw Goat Yoga. yep.

Nevertheless, it was inspiring to see all the NGOs, companies, Dallas City Hall, everyone from the industry, all the way from up-cycling tyres to slippers, solar panels, windmills, how to composts, air pollutions, their efforts to reduce plastic usage, the tiny homes, their eco-products.. its a Green Industry!

Can’t wait to see what else Dallas has to offer. That is all from Captain Muni (holding the world on her shoulders). See you again soon.

Over and out.

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