Welcome to the Cowboy Capital of the World!

QUICK! What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear “Texas”?

For me it was “Cowboy”. To be honest with you, I had a very little clue about Texas but was super excited to be going to Dallas. Anyway, I haven’t seen any horses on the road or cowboys in this case, probably you have to go to a different part of Texas to see all that.

I am here with two other fellows, Muni from Brunei and Jaae from Thailand. We arrived in the weekend and our first days in Dallas was amazing! Upon our arrival in Dallas, we went straight for grocery shopping at H-Mart, a big Asian store which basically has everything you need (it made me feel like as if I were in Korea though, LOL).

Then on Sunday, we went to the EarthX Day at Fair Park, one of the world’s largest environmental experience, there are expo, conference, movie screening, and many more. It is amazing to see so many great initiatives out there doing good for the environment! Also, I would really recommend you to watch the Sea of Shadows, a documentary about the Vaquita, world’s smallest whale that is near extinction as its habitat is being destroyed by Mexican Cartels and Chinese Mafia (PS. Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd was there too!)

The most interesting part of the day though was the Goat Yoga, didn’t know it existed. Literally a yoga exercise with goats.

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend wherever you are!

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