A cheap man who inspires others

In materials world would not be happy with a man who is rarely buy expensive products, or even not often to spend money for new things. But this should the way to be more sustainable.

Gus von Roenn who obtained degree on social science was fatigue with repeating work with the company, so he decided to establish a small non-profit organization called Omaha Permaculture association in 2014.

He is passionate about permaculture in the way of transforming the abandoned land in Omaha, which he called “Relaxing Landscape” into “Productive Landscape”.

He started with the volunteer team and the organization has been growing over the years. He is now can offer a little payment for part-time team members. With exist passion and knowledge & skills he has earn over the years, he could inspire people to join him to make Omaha better landscaping.

He is also involve people with disability in the city to join him activities. This allowed those people be part of society and they also can contribute.

During the time with him, I was inspired when he said “I do not understand why people just use things and throw”. He drives a mini-truck produced in 1980s, he owns a used bobcat and a mower, he just keep using things that others might not keep them. He describes himself as a “cheap man”. The only thing he willing to pay more is food, fresh food produced by farmers who deserve to be fair-compensated.

This is contrast to what my thought(& heard) that people in the US consume more than others in the world. But Gus makes me change my perceptions.

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