Let’s see how much citizen care about public health in Houton, Texas U.S.A

After had fun with other fellows for 2 days of orientation in Washinton D.C., I had to say goodbye to them. I left the airport in D.C., at 12:45pm then reached the Houston at 4:30 pm April 27 Houston, Texas time. Candece, my host community picked me up from the airport to the hotel.

During a week in Harris County Public Health I learned that the citizen in this country really paid attention on their public health. They are working with good cooperation between local government and local organization (Fig. 1).

Fig.1 : The cooperation works between partnership

Not only working with organization partners, but there is also involved from local communities too. The Government, NGOs and local communities are working together to reach the public health outreach and education goal (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: The cooperation between Government, NGOs and local community

They are working together to reach the outreach of living healthy by focused on clinical services and food safety systems (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: Food safety and nutrition

It’s developed of several techniques to educate citizen about the public health issue and monitoring system. Following-up work with patients and feedback using technology systems (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4: The technology advertisement

Even though a lot of technologies were developed for this country, but there is still more techniques are on going for future vision of public health work. An example, recently most researchers that are working on mosquito and vector control are using microscope to identify the mosquito species. Here the department of Mosquito and Vector Control is working on making machine that can identify the mosquito by itself (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5: On going machine to identify the mosquito species

All of these indicated that the public health system in this country is developed and too much attention from government, NGOs and local communities. This is very good sample for other developing counties to learn to develop their country too.

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