The first week in Saginaw

It is such a lovely to be here Saginaw, Texas, which is a small town with 23000 populations roughly. Since I arrived, my host Gabe Reaume took me to different places to meet with a lot of people. Gabe, my host is a city manager in Saginaw and I am quite surprised that how the role of city manager is important for a city and has a lot of power to do even though city managers in United State are appointed. Sitting at the office, I have learned what tasks need to be done by city manager and what is the different between city managers and mayors most of all are elected, who come from political background, so some of the technical issues are not related with their capacity. That is why, city manager has to recommend concerning with city development when it comes to host a council meeting twice a month. I found that this is very interesting balance between two groups; politics and administrative as it must be a good way of eradicating corruption.

Gabe explained about charter propositions

My very first week in Saginaw, I have visited to community center, elderly care center, city hall, fire station, police department, public library, recreational center, and community center. One fascinated thing about my host is that he has been letting every departments know about charter propositions before re-authorization of street maintenance sales tax election. Once we went to the community center, one quilting team most of them were women and above 50s wanted to know about charter propositions because they did not understand policy writing, so my host explained each and every point and they bombarded with questions. I have not seen that kind of experience in my life because it is unlikely spreading information to the bottom when the position gets higher; nonetheless, people have a right to be informed when something is going to change in a city. I am inspired by Gabe in my first week in Saginaw and looking forward to learning more.

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