Orientation at ICMA- KEY solutions to SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in U.S.

YSEALI SPRING2019, we had been invited to the orientation at ICMA (International City/County Management Association), Washington D.C. on 25th-26th April 2019.

On the first day, Kara picked up at the hotel robby and then she walked with us to the ICMA, which is about 11 minute walked.

Fig1.City view and our photo group shot in fromt of ICMA building

At the entrance, there is the Hi-tech security check machine with barcode printed out. We do it one by one in every morning before entrance to the meeting room. I was so impress with this automatic machine, however, still not sure is this good for environment or not!May be manual system as in Thailand is also not bad solution to avoid this single used sticker paper><

Fig2. Lined up for the security sticker with barcode machine

There is TWO days orientation, which will be the official first meet of our ‘Environmental fellows’. The meeting were prepared for us with the name plate of seats together with ICMA guideline papers and ICMA membership forms.

Fig3. Orentation schedule and meeting room at ICMA

First day -25th April 2019

First day morning started by Tony and Kara, we had a small Ice breaking with orientation in overview scope in YSEALI program. I do love the session of ice breaking introduction. I think it was the great opportunity to know each single fellows with their stories. Honestly, i couldn’t remember all of their name.. but i do feel a lots of positive energy from all of them. Love it^^

Next, we have the session for Environmental Expert Panel Discussion and U.S. government structure and Challenges.

Fig4. First day orentation at ICMA

There are many speakers, who served for various organization i.e. The American farm land Trust, Sustainability department of ICMA and Ethics membership and professional development of ICMA. However, to drive the sustainability development goals, here are the learned lessons about KEY SOLUTIONS TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN U.S.

1. Find the key person, who have the same interesting and able to convince the community to the community engagement as goal setting.

2. Set up working team, which including community leader and volunteer team with clearly roles and responsibilities to work together.

3. Strengthen team and network, by starting with kick off meeting to make the same basis understanding and providing the training course(if needed) to be the great massager man of our campaign.

4. Enhance brainstorm meeting and neighborhood engagement with hearing session to listen the community feedbacks and difficulties. The key is to understand communities challenge (with both economic growth and environmental aspects).

5. Arrange the peer reviews to broaden knowledge, by arrange the visiting tour or best practice sharing meeting to team.

6. Set meeting in the boxes, for challenging their ideas in scope of our focus actions to set the proper solutions together with the approval and agreement from team.

7. Keep up-to date information and be transparency with team to build up the ownership awareness and motivate inspiration for further development

Second Day- 26th April 2019

We had another interesting training topic by American Planing association(APA) about Urban landscape approach for green infrastructure.

Fig5.Jaff Soules, Director of Outreach and International, APA

By this session. I was impressed with ‘THE STRATEGY TO OVERCOME COMMUNITY INTERESTED’, which the tips itself quite similar with yesterday’s session:


1. Find hero in community –Key person to lead and gain trust from community

2. Talk with community Leader to understand current situations in community. Start with comfortable questions drive it smoothly

3. Promote through community leader Keep track social interesting topics and find out suitable solutions, find out on the hidden factor that make people feel comfortable to those great solutions, make inventory network of green people

Noted pointes: strategy can always be relocations, keep up to date data

So, what these tips mean!

After TWO days session, I understand that ‘We can not do the sustainability community alone and ‘we need teamworkand ‘team work need communication’ and ‘good communication start from the understanding’. So…get through them..and Take it easy to them…

Next is of of my fevorite session from Mr. Gelo Apostol, YSEALI alumni. In my opinion, he is one of the great YSEALI profession roles model. He have a very good personality and good logical thinking. He shared us about his experiences in YSEALI, what’s should or should not do in Programme. Here, before the end he also gave us the tips as bellowing image.

Fig6. Fellow tips by YSEALI alumni-GELO APOSTOL

End up the orientation by talking with ICMA’s Executive Director-Marc Ott.

Fig.7 YSEALI fellows with ICMA’s Executive Director-Marc Ott.

My first Baseball Match><!!!

Last but not least on Friday night, Kara and Tony took us to the baseball match! We were so excited. It was the great time to cheer Washington team. However, unfortunately, we earlier went back to hotel before the match end because it was really windy and so so….COLD….

Fig.8 YEEALI fellows in baseball match

However, it was the great time for Washington D.C. orientation. Thank ICMA for kind arranged the agenda to us. Especially, our lovely Toni and Kara, who were closed take care and support us since the first day we were selected until now. You had done the great job^^.

And yes as promised, we will continue keep updating blog and blog and blogs to you ^^

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