Nice to Meet You

Date: April, 25th – 27th
Place: Washington D.C
Activities : Orientation Days

In the Orientation,

(a) Nice to Meet You: start with welcoming remarks from Tony & Kara. Haha..Finally, I meet with Tony. Before this, just communicate with email or skype voice call. Not to forget: Thank you very much Kara & Tony for everything. Icebreakers: its time to introduce yourself & get know, make friends with the other Professional Fellows under the Sustainable Development and the Environment. Nice to meet all of you..

(b) Briefing Slot: Tony brief us about Professional Fellow Program Expectation, and Introduction to Professional Fellow Congress and also about US Exchange Program (2nd day).

(c) Discuss, Talk & Learn : We have slot for an Environmental Expert Panel Discussion. We have Sanaz Arjomand, The American Farmland Trust; and Jessica Johnson, ICMA Sustainability Director. Then, we are introduced to ICMA & Local Government by Martha Perego, Director, Ethics, Membership & Professional Development, ICMA & Remarks from Chris Remsen (Program Officer, US Department of State, Educational, Cultural, Affairs Bereau). Besides that, we also learn about The Historic Urban Landscape : American Planning Association by Jeff Soule, Director of Outreach and International, American Planning Association

(d) Sharing is Caring : Dr. Gelo Apostol (YSEALI Alumni) share his experience about the Community Challenge & IPP Life Cycle. After that, we have a small group discussion about our Community Challenge.

(e) It’s Playtime: Tony, Kara & Taylor bring us to watch Baseball Game..I enjoyed the game.. remind me about lab softball tournament when I did my PhD at Japan.

Time has gone quickly.. So, now times to take next flight to go to our Host Placement. East Lansing, Michigan… here I come!

See you then!

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