The Robocop building

It’s been a week since we’ve been introduced to Dallas City Hall. (time flies!)

The building was completed in 1978. Danielle (whose, by the way, is my homestay host) gave us a tour on our first day from ground to 7th floor, inside out (It’s a HUGE building with 12,000 people inside, but there’s natural lights everywhere, thanks to the architect I.M. Pei.

From left: Jaae, me, Cristine and Danielle.

We then went through the underground to Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, the building next to it. This is where over a million visitors attending major national and international conventions, meetings, concerts, athletic competitions, auto shows, and more (

At 2 p.m., Christine, Jaae and I were also honoured to meet and had a short meeting with Dallas City Manager, T.C. Broadnax. He’s down to earth man.

Brett Wilkinson (Office of Strategic Partnership and Government Affairs), James McGuire (Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability), Jaae, Me, Mr T.C. Broadnax (Dallas City Manager ), Cristine, Dina Colarossi (Fund Development Manager) and Susan Alvarez (Environmental Quality & Sustainability).

We went home around 5pm with Danielle (managed to avoid traffic) , went for a light shopping at Aldi, and home with lovely Danielle. Her Muslim friend, who’s so generous to make this Halal food (I’m positive its Middle-Eastern. I don’t realy look through. I see chicken, it’s halal, I dig in). It was SO good. And SO much leftover so tomorrow’s lunch is covered 😁


So that’s my Monday. Last week. more posts coming through!

Muni @ City of Dallas – City Hall

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