sustainability in d.c

The 1st official weekend of the fellowship.

Started the weekend with world embassy day in D.C on 5th May 2019. I had the opportunity to experience the diverse culture that each embassy has to offer and it was heartening to see people from different nationalities celebrating the day as one.

Zooming to 2nd week. 

The tempo is ramping up and I have kickstarted the week with a half-day conference held by DCBIA (District of Columbia Building Industry Association) at Georgetown University. This insightful session was to elaborate more details in regards to the clean energy act and what are different measures/technologies available to help developers to make their building go greener.

ICYMI: In conjunction with this Act and sustainable D.C movement 2.0, D.C will have to go net-zero energy usage by 2026 for commercial and by 2022 for residential buildings respectively. This bold move may be the gamechanger for D.C to go carbon neutral in the future and would probably set a benchmark for other cities in the U.S to mimic after.


Dave Epley from DCRA
Moving on to the agriculture experience day at UDC to understand more about their green roof program. It not only combats the heat effect of a building but also reduces energy usage.  Besides that, I also have the opportunity to do hands-on farming and assisted in their daily operations. This experience allows me to better appreciate our food sources and we should all consume only what we need to reduce any wastage.

Hydroponic Farming
With Victoria from UDC at their Green Roof

Till next time lah.

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