Host Placement in Dallas- Team Introduction

From 22 of overall 2019 Environmental fellows, I and my lovely teammates (Muni-Bruni and Christine-Indonesia) were grouped to study in the same city which is Dallas Texas.

Teammate Introduction

Fig1. My teammate fellows in City of Dallas

As I said before, I am not that much excited.. just we had already have a group of WhatsApp since last 2months ago. So, I feel a little close to them before the date we met^^

I think we were a very good combination group, cause we all came from the differently business units i.e. Government, NGO and private company. Well…let’s see what will be the great solutions for three of us to drive all unit sectors in the same directions of sustainability^^

Move to DALLAS!

On Saturday 27th April 2019 at 17:30 pm, we had arrived to Dallas with a very warm welcome from Dina Calarossi, Fund Development Manager,City of Dallas.

Fig2. First arrival in City of Dallas with warmly welcome by Dina

She is my first friend in Dallas, who arrange the meeting, cooperate with ICMA and calling us for briefly preparation. She is kind of wonder women in Dallas^^. You can see it by the schedule! Both knowledge and cultural experiences… they are in plan><

Fig3. YSEALI agenda in Dallas with the addtional cultural experiences plan

Before direct to check in, Dina drove us to the Asian grocery store-H mart , where are a lot of Asian food and ingredients. Most surprise thing is Korean people! What a big korea community in here!!…. these make all Kimji and Korean food are cheaper than in Thailand><

So that the end of 27th April….Day of transportation.

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