Bingo Day

Saginaw’s senior center is crowded in every Wednesday though it is opened Monday to Friday with other activities for senior citizens. The reason of filling with a lot of people is that it is Bingo Day which sounds very new to me. However, it only takes 5 minutes for me to figure it out what is the basic rule of the game but surprisingly, I did not win once during one and half hour play time because all grandmothers and grandfathers are smart enough to finish really quickly and they are very competitive and serious about game.

Here are my two Bingo Champions

Moreover, there has a birthday party in every month and it is usually celebrated on Wednesday too, so I am lucky enough to join this celebration as well. We all sing happy birthday song together and one sweet grandmother prays for all May born on behalf of all. After that, we have lunch the rest of all are brought by grandmothers and grandfathers who come join Bingo Day. From my stand point, it is a very brilliant idea to have a lovely home-cooked meal together with full of laughs and joys instead of sitting at the dining table alone.

playing bingo
singing happy birthday !!

It is hard to believe how Saginaw’s local government has been working to integrate between elderly people and city activities having social sustainability for all ages while the city itself is balancing for economic and environmental development.

I have the immerse pleasure of joining Bingo Day with all people from Saginaw and it is unforgettable moment for me in terms of seeing how community are cohesive and so warm to each other. As a matter of the fact, Saginaw’s senior center is not only for Saginaw residents also it is free to for everyone. The lesson that I have learned on Bingo Day is that it is important to make city alive than crucial to make people happy because people always come first when it comes to planning for a city.

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