“Watery doing today, friends?”

Get it? Watery? As in ‘what are we’? haha sorry. I cant resist a good pun opportunity. On Thursday we visited the Texas A&M Agrilife. Its about 30 minutes drive from Dallas City Hall.

We learnt a lot about green infrastructure, urban agriculture, green storm water and rainwater harvesting from Dr Fouad H. Jaber, Associate Professor, Water Resource Specialist at Dallas Research and Extension Centre. First he showed us his lab.

Equipment to collect water sample. Each of them cost USD5000.

Then we took a walk to get closer to this beautiful garden, which turns out to be part of green infrastructure. Not only they’re beautiful, they functioned as a filter before the water run off to the stream. We saw a duck, which means the ecosystem is working!

Using different types plants to treat water.
Marsilea plant.

Fun fact! Using specific plants to filter different elements is part of green infrastructure which reduces pollution reduction and reduce 60% runoff.

Moving on to rainwater harvesting. We really need to start doing this in Brunei, cause it rains often. Need to make full use of it! This water can be used for watering plants, cleaning cars and such.

This rainwater collection tank collects 1200 gallon of water.

Volunteer Now

At 2pm we went to a small meet up and tour with Volunteer Now. Its an online volunteer matching program for volunteers and nonprofit organisations. Their website, VOLY.org is an innovative, web-based volunteer recruiting, management and reporting platform designed to directly support organization’s needs.

We have definitely learnt a lot and share our challenges in recruiting and engagement with volunteers in our countries, with Meghan Delaney, Community Engagement & Impact Manager from VolNow.

Me and Meghan at the entrance of VolunteersNow in Like Oak Street.

Its been a fun, productive day today. See you guys again soon.

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