A Long Way Home

A young boy from a small island in south east Asia touch down Newburyport on 27 April, 2019. He thought it will be difficult to make friends around the city. But the young lady who fetch him was very nice person, she brought along with a metal bottle fill-in with drinking water, said to him; you must be so thirsty young man. Take this water and drink it now please, She said. On their way from Boston Longan International Airport to Newburyport, the Young lady said, do you want to have a food, something to eat, I know your must be so hungry, let’s get you something to eat; we’ll past by the supermarket just a minutes so you can have some food to eat, she added.

On the air to Boston

The young boy is being away from home is very happy to reach his objective and dreams. He welcomed well by the Lady. The young man feels comfortable to learn more and feels that he is at home.

After arrived at home, she told the young man, said you must be so tired, let me you your room so you can take a rest OK. But then, the young man said, would it be possible if we tale a walk down the river for a while? With smiling face (this young man must be tired” why going to the river whisper inside, oh oh) she said, Let’s go, you must take a loot outside then.

Traveling is awesome, whoever meets you and talk to you nicely is not that they are need something from you. But for me they are happened to help you and be friend with you. Language makes us one, Language brings us together to work on things that is unspeakable and unknown to known.

Newburyport is the home to this young man and he never had a felling of homesick or missing home. People at Newburyport are incredibly amazing, they are very generous to offers you dinner, lunch and breakfast. The young boy is so special and famous in Newburyport.

Recycling and Energy Manager Molly Etteborough, Explains how plate waste to be recycled by its type.
Newburyport, MA

From April 29 to May 10, the young boy learned about waste management, composting, green houses.

With Sir Glen Cook, Showing compost preparing.
Tomato Farm
Apple farm

Mattress Recycling Site.

Mattress Recycling center

The boy who is now having a lot of experience.

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