How Tallahassee Prepare for Disaster

One of the activities in our schedule last week was participating in the PREP workshop. PREP (Plan for Readiness and Emergency Preparedness) program has been conducted by Neighborhood Affairs for the last three years. The program includes the series of workshops to help residents and communities to prepare for hurricane season. The events are also the communication activities which provide the knowledge about disaster and help to increase people awareness in disaster preparedness. The workshops have also been called the bucket events as buckets with the checklist of necessary items which should be prepared for disaster is the main communication material of this event.

The event which we had chance to join was organized at Lincoln Neighborhood Service Center with the participation of 30 community leaders. They represented other households in their area to participate in this workshop. After coming back from this one, they are expected to organize the replicated workshops for other families in their community.

The PREP event helped the community leaders understand the general knowledge about disaster life cycle and steps to create a resilience community from establishing their own response team, identifying the local resources, collecting the registration for the special needs from the community members during disaster and how to organize their own bucket event.

The Neighborhood Affairs also worked so hard to create the variety of different survey forms to support the leaders of Neighborhood Associations to collect the information in their community. One of the most interesting things is that the workshop contents were presented in many different ways from presentation, Q&A and role play. The officials tried different communication methods to engage the participants in the event and help them understand well the contents.

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