The Poke Bowl Analogy (Mother’s Day Conjunction)

How about that? The Poke Bowl trend has also hit the midwest as much as it has hit Malaysia. Huh. Kept my head spinning for a good part of the week because for the longest time I thought it wouldn’t go as far as Asia, not to mention Nebraska USA but hey, it’s healthy (and expensive) food so no complaints.

Whats a Poke Bowl? It’s a Hawaiian (yes, it is look it up) mixed rice bowl using fresh ingredients and usually more vegetables than cooked meat. It’s gojas (gorgeous). Popular for its fresh ingredients and clean taste. Shoutout to Ono Poke back home, love ya guys.

A standard salmon poke bowl courtesy of yours truly and Ono Poke, Kuching

Relevance, relevance. Yes there is relevance because thinking about Poke, it became apparent to me that this week was like a bowl of Poke. An experience of sour, sweet, spicy and … fish ingredients – all mixed in a complex palate but each holding its own weight in memorability. Allow me to elaborate kind fellows:

Meeting outdoors in the cold is proven to increase your bladder capacity by 12.6% per hour. Hi Cienna
Big boss on his Big chair.

The week started off with an outdoor coordinating meeting with big man Gus and the coordinating team. Never had a meeting outdoors in the hot/cold (mostly cold) climate of Nebraska before. Might implement this back home if the boss let’s me.

We set off planning for a big week as there were things needing to be done before a large host of volunteers were to visit the lot. So one could say it was quite a spicy experience, a component of the week quite close to my heart.

Moving up the list, I had the giant honor to shadow and learn from the inevitable, Mr. Graham Herbst, one of the member of the board for Omaha Permaculture, and a man from the state’s forestry department. He coached the Metropolitan Community College students about permaculture and some tree identification tips. Heck, Thome and I got the change to do some tree I.D-ing ourselves and also had a good introduction to the nice students. Big shoutout to Mr. Graham for being such a cool guy and showing us your cool yard the way you did (and for the wicked sausages).

Speaking about giving talks to random people, I was also presented the chance to ask Ms. Susie McGuire of the Conservation FUSION group some questions about community and conservation developments in one of the iconic Creative Morning meetings. Something of a TED talk but more personal, I feel. Managed to grasp some cool new incentive-based models for me to try back home. I’m coming back for you Sarawak. Thanks Laura for having us over, epicly fun time at the zoo. I opted out zoo photos from this post because it will take up the whole page. Do drop by my FB Page if you wanna check the zoo out.

Creativemorning meetings. Check em out every month!

You could say these ‘social’ events were a sweet and slightly sour experience for me because I feel so bloody anxious around crowds. Getting used to it, don’t worry.

The Mr. Joe Benson, one of a kind.

To top it off this week, the coolest guy Mr. Joe Benson of Omaha Permaculture in his graces, brought us to the outskirts of Nebraska and cough Iowa cough to give us a glance of the countryside. The midwest is so very flat, with very low undulations and hills – so very different from home, but homely at the same time. Conversations with Mr. Joe never gets dull, and we will talk away about the most curious of topics to no end. Sweet records my guy, I will be in contact.

Pacific Junction, Iowa was a bit of an eye opener though. The midwest has been recently struck with a huge flood, causing millions upon millions of losses to the states as well as the displacement of people from their homes and belongings. Crops and livestock were all also washed away among the flood caused by the thawing of one of the coldest winters yet. Two months since the flood and the waters are still high. As a person who has a hand in flood mitigation, I find myself for the first time, not having an immediate solution.

That’s not a lake nor a river by the way.

Pacific Junction wasn’t spared from this flood. Seeing belongings being strewn across the sidewalks, decimated houses and flooded fields really left a fishy taste in my mouth. I guess the great American lands have their share of problems as well, we are not so different in the face of adversity. I pray for strength for the people of Iowa and Nebraska, let’s help each other as much as we can.

Like I said, it was a Poke Bowl of epic proportions – Sweet, Sour, Spicy and… fish, all in an exciting explosion of flavors, together. This week was a roller coaster and I doubt next week will be any different. Here’s to exciting weeks and poke bowls. Happy Mother’s Day everybody, don’t forget to call. Love ya mom.


I made an enemy in Omaha. If you have been weeding as much as I did you are going to meet these sick quacks. I’m talking about Docks or Dock weed. The docks, are a genus of about 200 species of annual, biennial, and perennialherbs in the buckwheat family Polygonaceae.

What makes them the absolute WORST, are their unnecessarily long taproots that makes them almost impossible to pull out. Their absolutely offensive, bushy outlook scourges your otherwise perfect lawn too as they grow everywhere and can grow almost as tall as you.


Best way to tackle these things sustainably? Dig em out with a shovel by their roots, and they won’t be back for awhile. If your dig outs don’t hit their yellow taproots, you are going too shallow and they will see you in a week. No herbicides!

This is Ian, signing out. Hope you are all good. Much love to everyone.

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