I found Fossil on Frankfort!

The weather in Frankfort is unpredictable sometimes. Unfortunatelly, today the temperature flew down and wind blow the cold breeze. Moreover, our schedule is site-visiting into one of open land in the north-east of Frankfort. The location close to the Clove Bird Park, one of protected area here where you can many different types birds, mamals, insects and other biodiversity.

This location is managed by Franklin County with support from national grants, they try to improve their waste management by producing high quality of compost. I take some sample of the compost and I know the quality of this one is wonderfull.


You can see the quality from the colour and saturation of the soil. Our supervisor also told that from laboratory test, this soil contains sufficient amount of nitrogen and pospat.

However, I see there are something unusual in the ground, and I try to dig up deeper into it. You know what I have found?

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 17.22.27

I found two pieces of fossil. One is teeth, other is leg (the big one). From the size I know is not human bones as it quite big and dope. It is probably cattle/cow.

So surprise to find them in this composting area. After asking to our supervisor, we know that it is not fossil, it is litteraly a bone. So, this area is Composting livestock. They made compost from dead livestock such as cattle, horse, seep, deer and others.


In my back, there are 1.000 more livestock who has been composted and they made a high quality fertilizer. This program has supported to improve the environmental quality because the dead livestock used to pollute the water body.


This one is a sample of the head bone of cattle.

Would you like to make livestock composting in your country?

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