Dallas EarthX2019-Top FIVE reasons to fall in love with this event

On Sunday 28th April 2019, 2nd day in City of Dallas, we were invited to the EarthX exhibition at Fair Park, which is the biggest environment event in city. How’s luckily we are! It is such a good start to know big picture of environment activities in Dallas.

Fig1. EarthX2019 @Fair park, Dallas, Texas (More detail:https://earthx.org)

1. EarthX is the the world largest environmental inspiration event for GREEN community

EarthX is an international environmental nonprofit based in Texas dedicated to educating and inspiring action for sustainable future.

In this event, we met almost all related business units in Dallas, who work and support for green development over 600 exhibitions, 400 speakers, 9 conferences, 60 feature in a film festival and around 137,000 visitors(based in 2018).

Fig2. EarthX2019 event map

It was my first time to see how’s great cooperation among government and local communities. As the environmentalist, this is the best inspiration moment to make it happen in my communities^^

2. Many green products waiting for my explore!

At the entrance, you will find a booth of Hydration, which whole bottle, made from Carton, even the lid (100% recyclable!!!)

Fig3. Eco-friendly-cartons drinking water bottle by Tetra Pak

It feel like you were walking through the creative road. There are many interesting Eco-products choices to customer. These bellowing products are my top tree impression; 1. Recycled shoes made from scrap tires( great solutions for nest beneficial use of tires^^), 2. Eco-tampon (it is reusable and hygiene for women), 3. Household food composting tank ( No odor issues and easy to operate in house).

Fig4. Top 3 best ECO-products in EarthX2019

3. Great opportunity to meet and greet with Green speakers!

And it is all free! There are TWO main stages Centennial stage and Automobile stage. Without inquiry, my favorite session is about the Climate change plan in Dallas, spoke by my lovely host ‘ Susan G. Alvarez, PE, CFM’, Assistant Director of EQS, City of Dallas.

Fig5. Four Green topic that I had participated.

Not only because she is my host, but this is the fast track session for me to learn about what they have done in Dallas for sustainable development.

4. Wild immersive journeys with EarthX Interactive 3D And Film

In personally, I do impressed with the earthX films. We had watched “Sea of Shadow”, which is about the bycatch of Chinese black market extend to the harmful of marine life in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. This is the great movies to encourage people people to be more care and responsible to our planet.

Moreover, 3D interactive is the interesting booth to learn and love with our beautiful planet through exciting simulation technology.

Fig6. EarthX film thearter and interactive 3D experiences

5. Great place to broaden new green technologies and introduce yourself in Green society

Fig7. Various interesting booth in Automotive hall

Favorite innovation is Skywater ESU-20, fresh drinking water generator. This machine produce fresh drinking water from water vapor in the air. Considering with the humidity and temperature level in Asia Pacific region, this is one of the interesting solutions to enhance the circularity of water.

Together with Boomerang water machine, we could refill drinking water in hygiene glass bottles without environmental impacts on single used plastics bottle. I love it ^^

However, there are still may factors that I have to study more whether it is fit to our business or not i.e. energy consumption rate compared with present process, maintenance conditions, … well… let’s study more if it fit or not^^

Fig8. Skywater -technology for capturing vapor in air to drinking water

‘For me, EarthX is not only the most valuable place for learning and broadening your vision/network, but it is the place that we,together, standing up to the world how much we love it and ready to protect these beautiful natural for the next generation.’

Fig9. EarthX Dallas 2019

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