You have goat to be kidding me!

Calm before the run.

The Bonton Farms

It’s about 10 minutes from the City Hall. Robert Curry (a.k.a Bob) from Urban Agriculture department brought us there, a very kind-heated man.

This farm address food scarcity in this area, restore health, create jobs and help the community. They have fresh foods here, a farm, and use compost as fertilizer 🌱

Big Tex Urban Farm

In September 2017, the Big Tex Urban Farms installed two hydroponic growing systems in the Greenhouse on the Midway at the State Fair of Texas, just in time for Fair season. One of the systems is called a deep water culture (DWC) tank, and the other is a group of six vertical grow towers.

It took about 25 days for the plants to be harvested.

Big Tex Urban Farms has been able to step up the number of pounds and food servings donated to the South Dallas community because of these hydroponic systems.

Butterfly House @FairPark

Feels like going back to when I was 7. Running after butterflies. and my oh my, I caught the biggest, prettiest blue one. And it just flashes its beauty inside. Those were dancing butterflies (they’re mating), and a type of quail birds running around chasing after red fruit. So cute! @TexasDiscoveryGardens at Fair Park.

The closest I can get to the snakes is like 3 feet. Then I just ran away.

The bugs are cute though.

Magnificent, isn’t it?

That’s it from me. I’ll see you again very soon. Have a great day!

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