Experience the Unknown

Intercropping is multi cropping that help in diversification of crops. We were visiting the first year opening of a program called the the “Nourishing the Nurser at Newburyport hill side.

Planting Flower in between Spinach and Summer yam and other crops

Intercropping is a multiple cropping practice involving growing two or more crops in proximity. The most common goal of intercropping is to produce a greater yield. This means that it is applicable on a small size of land at house backyard. I helps in ecological recovery process while producing growing crops for daily food.

Sweet Herb

A woman asked, would you like to taste something sweet but natural? Sure, what is it then! just only a small leaf but it is sweet, they called “Sweet Herb”. Once tried, it was like wow, really! Supper sweet!

Sweet Herb (stevia rebaudiana)

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