A night of camping, bring back experiences

Being placed with a kind host is such a great blessing! Apart of engaging with Omaha Permaculture Association, which mainly to work with the team to achieve their goals daily and weekly or so, it was fortunate enough to get a chance for camping inside the park of the Nebraska.

A 30 minutes drive from the city of Omaha to get the Platte River State Park located. This is great place for camping. It was fairly surprise in accessing inside the park where roads paved by concrete roads. This is truly convenience.

We were a group of 6, which is a good number for enjoy conversation and get to know each other more. A thing I did not expect was people in Omaha are so experienced in camping, skillful in setting up tent and full of things needed for camping. That’s terrify.

We started an adventure by trekking around the forest. It’s unbelievable that such the setting of well-developed would full of primary forest around and accessible. Walked down to the Platte river by passing the railway was something really mind-blowing.

What I impressed the most is how the state manage the park. The park turns to be creation place for their citizen while conserving those forest and biodiversity. They have maintained the park so well. Full of facilities that visitors need, start from fire place, table, supply water and restroom.

What’s more, the crew of the park is actively in mowing the lawn. People can play on the field contently.

A quick question after the curious observation was how those conveniences are being built? all the cost is from the TAX!!. What an efficient effort!

From this exposure, lead me to the point that how I can contribute to do our huge parks back home to be conserved while providing appreciation to people, create more jobs and improve quality of life!

Thanks | Thome | Laos

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