3C..what’s that?

27th April 2019
Michigan State University

Welcome to East Lansing, Michigan.. Grrrr… it is cold.. The temperature is around 4 – 9 degree Celsius. Almost like winter…where’s my jacket? ooo.. here it is.. okay..now feel more warmer.. okay.. let’s start my stories for the 1st week.

Once upon a time, there is a princess (haha) been placed at TownPlace Suite, East Lansing. Here’s the picture of her castle… This castle is really nice. Reminds me about my studio apartment during my studied time in Japan.

TownPlace Suite – my castle for 3 weeks at East Lansing

Wake up..wake up.. stop dreaming.. back to the realities.. haha..

Good morning.. New day, new place, new environment and meet with new people. Get to know with other lab members and have introduction regarding the lab activities and research that have been done and on going.

Lab Meeting – Introduction to the Lab activities and members

Then, going to the Farm to see the facilities..That week Dan got a new “toys” from Tilmor tractor company – kind of mechanical weeder. The company make a new small mechanical weeder, and give it to MSU to test and get feedback about the performance and recommendation to improve. Such a good collaboration between the university and the industries.

Also got opportunity to join Zack’s Team to fly the drone. They attached the hyper-spectral camera with the drone to capture images of the farm. The images will be analysed to see the nutrient of the soil. Interesting…

The weather is still cold and most of days are raining.. Not much work can be done outside. Not much agriculture activities can be done in such weather. But yes, time is precious.. So we did indoor activities: Discussion & meeting – Learn about IR 4 project.

What is IR 4 project? Basically :
Since 1963, the Inter-regional Research Project #4 (IR-4 Project) has been the only entity in the United States to facilitate registrations of conventional pesticides and biopesticides on Specialty Food crops (fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices) and non-food Environmental Horticulture crops.

This is really good initiative from the government to help the farmers and agricultural industries. Many researchers from different background involved in this projects all over the United States. Superb. This project is already about 56 years. More information about IR 4 project: https://www.ir4project.org/

And yeah.. I meet with YSEALI Academic Fellows from Kenya & Uganda.. They thought that we are in the same program..feel young.. haha.. but yeah.. th i’m already disqualified for that because i’m too old. haha. For young generations (18-25 years old), don’t miss the golden chance. More information: https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/yseali-academic-fellows/

But for the one like me (old in ic numbers), don’t cry. You still have a chance. You can join YSEALI program under YSEALI Professional Fellowship ( https://asean.usmission.gov/yseali/yseali-professional-fellows/ )

As conclusion, my theme for the 1st week is : IR 4. I learn many things and knowledge regarding IR 4 project. But, the most IMPORTANT & VALUABLE things that i learn in this week are 3C: COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION & COOPERATION between the researcher, farmers/growers & industries. Really amazed with the 3C here.. we need the 3C in Malaysia too… Let try to have a good and strong 3C too..

Okay.. finished throwback for the first week. Stay tune.. Will be back with the 2nd, 3rd and finale week here…


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