Stockyard Cattle Drive

Stockyard is the historic district where encompassing with Texas’s famous livestock industry. The surrounding areas of Stockyard are occupied with a lot of heritage buildings and visitors are enchanted by brick walkways where you can find cowboys and horses hanging out to have some pictures with visitors.

Brick walkways

On that day, I was lucky enough to see Pawnee Bill Wild West show with my host and his family. This had so much shooting, trick riding, cowboy songs and featuring the life of cowboy back in the time. Gun shots were super loud during the show and it was excited to see trick horse riding. I even got to chance to pet the horses after the show. After that we enjoyed watching cattle drive and I was surprised by the size of big cows!!

The next day, my host Gabe, Saginaw City Manger, bought me city manager workshop because he was one of the panelist for this workshop. I met some students and mid-level professionals who wanted to become a city manager during workshop which was designed to exchange their experiences and city management for those people who wanted to work as a city manager in future. Fundamentally, they shared their experiences and long journey from beginning point so that students and professional can understand which skills that they need to attain to handle this role.

City Manager Workshop

I raised two questions about education requirements for this type of job and how to get people participation in council meeting. Since I heard that almost all of the city managers had got public administration degree, so I was wondering about other people who come from different education fields, yet the answer was it worked out for every education if he or she wanted to do it and had enough working experiences. However, it would be better to get MPA because it provided widespread of understanding for a city in advance level. The answer for the second question was that not seeing a lot of people in council meeting could not count as they were not participating. In these days, people tended to be busy with chores; nonetheless, they were still interested to get involved somehow through the Internet and social media. Therefore, it should be considered as participation and city managers were trying to come up with advance technology to have more public participation for the long run. To sum up, the third week was quite fun and enjoyed lovely sunny days of Texas.

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