The best thing of Kentucky is not Fried Chicken


I have two news for you today. Bad news and Good news. Bad news is the fried chicken, that is attached with Kentucky in our countries, is not the best thing of this state. However, the good news is more astonishing than you imagine.


There are many adventures that you can experience here. I will tell you two of them, so you can check the other later by yourself:

1 Mammoth Cave:


Welcome to the longest cave in the WORLD! yes, even you can not find Mammoth here, you do not need to be upset. Because you will find the cave that much bigger than Mammoth. So far, this cave is 400 mill that is discovered and probably there are longer than that. We take the historical tour which only 2 mill and take 2 hours for walking on it. The size is mesmerizing.


Unfortunetly, due to the low light inside it, we are hardly to take a quality photo there. You should experience it by yourself.

2. Kayak and Kanoe

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 12.27.04 PM

Kentucky has a unique limestone river and many creek. All of them is very clean and fresh. Surrounded by forest and green open space. Anyone who visit kentucky should not miss a chance to enjoy their nature with Kayak or Kanoe.

One of the most popular place here is Elkhorn Creek. This place is massively beautiful. I love the trees, the water, catfish, turtle and snake. This is my first kayaking experience and for your information that I can not swim. So this is a brave step for me.

At least I was falling twice because hitting tree. All my body is wet but so much fun.


Anyway, after all of that experience. I found that the best thing of Kentucky is not the adventures but the People. They are so welcome, so warm. I got a bunch of new family here. Thank you Kentucky (Fried Chicken)!



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