Frank Fort, KY

The days when we were at Washington D.C as an ICMA fellowship, we got the orientation for the whole learning trips. During those days, we had a chance to introduce and make friends with each other from assorted people who are from different sectors in different countries. After we finished the orientation, we went to our respective host communities in accordance with our specialized area. Frankfort in Kentucky State is our learning City and we were tired under the strain of flight canceled in the transit airport CHARLOTTE,NC and we had to wait about two hours again for another flight.

As soon as we landed to the LEXINGTON,KY airport, however, I could say that the hospitality of our host community at Rebecca Hall and the pretty environment relieves me from the listless feeling before. The Frankfort City, the historical place which was established around 1780 and that city is very quiet, pretty and peaceful by covering of numerous attractive places such as a big forest, Kentucky River, the wider parks, memorial places, historical houses, the open lands, the pretty creek and colorful flowers and harmonious community. This is amazing and incredible for me to be here, as a fellow of ICMA and these days become the memorial parts of my life.

In here, I have a chance to observe and learn a lot from the City Departments relating to Police Department, Municipal Department, Fire & EMS Department, and Department of Parks & Recreation according to the arrangement of our host Rebecca. Recycling, composing, riverbank and forest maintaining, emergency responses and city transportation, these all are learned from the friends of relevant departments and it is very educational for me. Furthermore, the coordination system among those departments to provide the services to the people of Frankfort is also really awesome and very educational to learn from them.

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