Every Wednesday, we have a video call for Vegetables Group. In this call there are researchers at the university like Dan and Zack, then we have MSU extension person line Ben and Marissa and growers/farmers/Industry people. So the will start with the weather forecast for Michigan and the prediction of the weather and temperature. Then everybody will report regarding their progress. The MSU extension people will report about whats going on in the farm at their area. And this is also a platform for them to exchange the problems, the information regarding agriculture situation in Michigan.

Yes, we should follow like this.. we should have this platform for agriculture field.. Can we?

Another baseball games. This time Lansing Lugnuts. I really enjoy the game here. Because it is really clear and close with the field..They don’t have president’s running but yeah, in between they have some games for the audience.. and also cannon shot (t-shirt and hot dog). And also, I have a new friend, Ella.. She’s so cute and friendly.. I will miss u Ella…hope to see u again…

Spend my weekends with Dan and Julie. They bring me to see the Capitol and we went to Michigan Museum. During that time they also have special exhibition about State of Incarceration. Interesting..At the museum i learn about the history of East Lansing, Michigan and the most interesting is to see the old equipment for agriculture.

I also take an opportunity to visit the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Michigan State University. Same department as my department in UPM. Meet with Prof Renfu which is an expert of vision system. WOW… really impressed to see his lab equipment. Hopefully one day i will have the lab like him…

Went to Abrams Planetarium at MSU. Interesting and learn new things about our planet and space education. and everyday at 12 pm until 12.45 pm, they have shows for audience. These shows will run with the lights up and include a live star talk about what is up in the sky that night. After that they make the sound down, and let us see and observes the star..it’s really cool.

” The thing that I have done throughout my life is to do the best JOB that I can and TO BE ME” – Mae C. Jemison

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