Visionary Green Investments

Play Smart!

Related with the trees one of our friends who is working for Parks & Recreation Department told us “The parks are maintained as the real environments, likewise they made a lot of income”. This is amazing subject to learn from him and I have to make sure to do share this information to our communities. Moreover, he told us again “all forests are protected by the laws on the other hand, all of our local people are very friendly with the trees. Yes, they are tree friendly society.” Tree Friendly Society, this is very instrumental and educational usage for me and I dreamed that we also supposed to build up that kind of tees friendly society in the future in our country. Of course, the conversation told by Shewn is absolutely right that the trees and the parks are the profitably investments or business that makes sustainability and environmental conservation for future generation.

Songs of the Nature

Besides, I would like to mention about the consideration for the children in their management plan. The mini parks and playgrounds for the children are also created around the most of streets in the city. This is very peaceful to see to the children who are playing in those parks and playground happily and freely. These are the meaningful and pretty heritages for generation to generation; likewise, these are also the visionary green investments of the people of Frankfort City for the future.

The Children
Trees Friendly Society

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