Kentucky, Bourbon & Birthplaces

Bourbon & Water under the bulb

This is a knowledgeable trip, we visited to the place of Buffalo Track Bourbon Whiskey production and had a chance to taste and observed about the historic factories. They are using the water of Kentucky River and creeks surrounding of the forest in order to create Bourbon because there are the lime stones in the river and in the creeks that makes the main supporter of Bourbon Whiskey.  

Raining at the Bourbon place

In another experience, water distribution and electric distribution systems of the city was also very interested and these are very educational information directly linked with the big issues of our country and I do appreciate to learn about these.

Kentucky, the histories teller

Their Birthplaces are Open Lands

The valuable trip to the Larue County and birthplace of Abraham Lincoln were very incredible and it was also a memorable trip for me. When we visited around either Lincoln Park or Farmer Fields of Jordan’s family, we saw what the real sustainable and environmental friendly living style in that wider land. The flowers, the creeks, the open and pretty lands, the farming fields and the animal husbandry during the trip, these are the great education to learn in practically for me. Related with recycling, we visited to the recycle place to Lexington of Larue County and very interested to observe and learn at the big recycle factory.

Creek , Flowers & Open Land

Among the environment of the river Kentucky, the historic city Frankfort, the big forest and the historic houses, that has a great time to make friendships with the local people of Frankfort. Then, I had a chance to join in the derby day together with some families and very happy to friendship with them too. Ohh, I almost to forget one thing to say, the Frankfort was the birthplace of Pirate of Caribbean actor Johnny Depp.

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

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