Last day at host community

I was positioned in Harris County Public Health, Houston Texas for 4 weeks for my fellowship, every single day I learned a lot about public health over there especially with Office of Science and Surveillance, Surveillance and Epidemiology Unit (OSST-SEU). The specific schedule as; 1st week visiting difference departments, 2nd and 3rd week attending online course about public health and participation in difference activities in OSST-SEU and the last week analysis data of Zika disease.

That moment was gone, time flight very fast so I have to leave and back to Washinton D.C., for fellow congress. Before leave-taking, I shared about what have been learned on public health over there and public health in my country, so we able to learn from each other.

I am so sad that I have to leave the people there since they were so nice and have a pretty warm welcome to me. I would to say thank you so much to everyone for kindly share knowledge, skill, technique and experience and also their taking care as pick me up and drop me off. Also thanks to Candece my host community always bring me to visit new places and let me learn more about the culture and how the city developed so far.

I will bring those knowledge, skill, technique and experience to share and instruct people in my community to promote the public health in my country to be a better health and well-being.

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