Hectic weeks before departure

The date of departure for YSEALI Professional Fellows Program is near, and there are plenty of work and preparation to be made for these two weeks. One of which is to complete all the tasks in my workplace so that I wouldn’t need to go back to it during the program. Things is not as easy as I think because the workload during my 6-week absent is huge, and it need to be done in advance; or I need to find the most suitable person to delegate if I expect a free-from-work-time during the program. 

In addition, there are certain tasks I am required to perform for the program. For instance, I need to take up some online training session proposed by the program to make sure everyone is well-prepared. And, I need to go through the process of obtaining the visa from the embassy before stepping on the US land.

Back at home, there are personal stuffs I need to prepare like getting ready to expose to the new environment through online research, finding suitable clothes and shopping for necessity items during my stay.

Despite all of these work and preparation, I am feeling very excited and looking forward  to the upcoming experiences in this program. I can’t wait to meet new people, new culture and new working environment in the US. As a Cambodian delegate, I am very proud and fortunate to be chosen for this fellowship.

By Chea Puthea

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