Life on the water! Floating villages, Cambodia!

Have you ever felt upset or gotten yourself busy worry about future, your financial or your current circumstance? Well, I guess these things in the floating communes will absolutely divert your worry and make you feel that you are really a lucky one to be born just having enough utilities and secured sources of income to facilitate your life.

Whenever, I traveled to the floating communities as part of my consulting work as a sanitation engineer, I always feel the blessing for what life have given me so far. Compare to my daily worries, children in the floating villages are traveling on their own without parent companion to school which is dysfunctional during the rainy season or heavy storm. Children that may never have chance to enjoy themselves weekly to the playground or amusement park as those of mine. There are houses that are not equipped with air-con or refrigerator as mine. I wonder how they can sleep at night. One time, I saw a lady cleaning her baby boy after he pooped with this water. Water that even me are so scared to touch but those households have no choice except imagine that this is their oasis in the desert. I barely imagine myself if I have to stay a nigh bathing this water, sleeping on the moving boathouse and litter in the water for all of my waste!

I look back to myself and asking” What can I do to help them beside worry about the future or how others are happier because they are richer than me? I have a project that provide free toilets to households and I have my English that I can write a proposal to help improve the education of these poor kids. For me, to fulfill the purpose of life, human need to contribute back to the nature that nurturing them. I promise to myself that I will do my best to find a way out to help them. For what I can do now, is to provide them the onsite wastewater treatment and make them understand about the risk of open deification in the water as part of my job.

Today, I have made one step forward. I have been chosen for joining YSEALI program, where I can learn about the behavior change and positive change maker. I’ll spend 6 weeks there fruitfully and hopefully bringing back to Cambodia the knowledge that will lead me to fulfill my dream of help improvement the life and education system of people in the floating communities.

Glossary shop

Composting toilet

Light blue house is a school. To be able to start school, children must be able to swim regardless of how old they are.

Toilet from the project that have been installed (Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation)

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