Few Days Left to Participate YSEALI Professional Fellow Program

The girl with big smile is Shwe Mar!

Hello all, Let me introduce myself.

My name is Shwe Mar and I am from Myanmar. I am very pleased to be selected as a fellow for YSEALI PFP and stocking for participating Sustainable Development and Environment journey conducting by ICMA. My interest in sustainable development and environment started when I start work as support staff of the Corporate Social Responsibility department in Oil & Gas Company.  From the time on, I am passionate to work for the sustainable development of the country and learning to take care of our environment.

I could not stop saying my thanks to ICMA and the team members for given me the opportunities and the systematic arrangement for the fellow to participate this program. Meeting with the leaders from ASEAN and Timor-Leste would be great opportunities to learn about the challenges and achievement on sustainable development.  

This is my first article for this program and I will be sharing my adventure journey at the United States every week through this blog. It would be very appreciated if you leave your thought and suggestion on my articles. Please feel free to use the comment session.

I will post my next article at the U.S in next week.

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