Ready, Get Set, YSEALI!

Google Maps has this nifty Google Street function where one “picks up” the yellow man and places him anywhere around the world. It’s an amazing feature and I find myself spending hours following him looking at different places of interest around the world.

In just a couple of hours, I’m probably like this yellow man when I’m plucked from sunny Singapore to Washington, where I will be spending a good 6 weeks around different parts of the United States.

Unlike the yellow man, this journey will take nearly 24 hours and does not take into account the preparations taken. In short, this is one hectic journey.

Yet amongst the chaos and anxiety, “Yellow Man” is also feeling a tingling sense of excitement. How will the people be like? How does one adapt to the changing weather? Will he be able to make changes and turn into Captain Planet? And most importantly, will there be free wifi? 

It’s going to be an amazing period ahead and Yellow Man looks forward to sharing more in the weeks to come!

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