Mt. Kinabalu

7:30AM: As I drove passed Kundasang, I waved goodbye at Aki Nabalu, a local name given to Mt. Kinabalu, and asked him to bless my journey to a new land. Together in my car were my parents, trying to hold their tears as if I’m moving away – it was a funny sight for me.

The driving was quite tiring for me as I didn’t sleep much last night. I spent hours thinking and reflecting to align my intentions correctly. I have so much expectations and goals for this fellowship. I want it to create an impact to my life and the people who I will be going back to.

Grew up in a small city, I’ve seen how Sabah has changed so much but then it’s never enough, at least not when it comes to the environment. Sabah deserves so much better – I want to be part of that betterment.

9:30PM: Less than an hour before I embark on my journey to the United States of America, this is my intention; to empty my cup so I will be able to receive and experience this fellowship to the fullest, and come back with a different perspective to contribute back to the community, to the place where I grew up – for myself and my love ones.

Mt. Kinabalu from the airport during sunrise. 


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