Finally arrive in DC!!

It took me approximately 20 hours to finally arrive at Washington DC. All my strength, muscle and bones are either numb or too exhausted to move after spending too much time sitting. I can’t sleep well on the plane, because I am not used to it. However, the main outcome for this trip is that I have arrived safe and sound at DC around 11:00 am 14th of October.

My first impression on the city is the extraordinary nature surrounding the road on my way from the airport to the hotel. It seems like the authority has paid good attention on the go-green-road. In addition, everywhere is very clean compare to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I barely find trashes on the pavement or along the road. People here follow the traffic law so well, and their ways of driving are very in order.

The infrastructure in DC does impress me a lot, particularly the buildings. I found it very attractive with the combination of modern and traditional design. I got to visit the White House today in the evening. It looks so well-secured and beautiful.


Puthea is sightseeing the White House 

I cannot wait to explore more in the following days. By far, it is one of my unique experiences.


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